23rd May 2015

UN exposes KIBAKI & RAILA’s dark link to Somali criminals & betrayal to rot in foreign jails

- Retired President Mwai Kibaki and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga are on the spot yet again after United Nations (UN) lifted a lid on their dirty dealings while in the Grand Coalition Government. In its report, UN revealed how Kibaki and Raila hired and recruited criminals to help them deal with Somali pirates and later betrayed them to rot in jails abroad. The UN document claims that Kibaki and Raila hired Mohammed Abdullahi Moalim Aden, alias ...
23rd May 2015

MARYA finally responds to SALMA SONKO …. Know your facts first girl

– One week after Marya was exposed badly by Salma Sonko for dating a married man who also happens to be her aunt’s husband, Marya, has come out to give her side of the story. Apparently, it is true that Kevin was once married to Mike Sonko’s relative but the couple has now divorced and they did not have any children by the time they annulled their marriage. Here is Marya’s exact post; He was married, but he ...
23rd May 2015

MAMA NGILU turns around and says she is loyal to UHURU & is ready to return to Cabinet.

  - Suspended Lands Cabinet Secretary, Mama Charity Ngilu, has dismissed reports from one of the local dailies that said she is planning to quit Jubilee Alliance Party. In a phone interview with Nation FM on Friday, Mama Ngilu said she was disappointed by the story that she is also planning to quit the Cabinet even if President Uhuru Kenyatta reinstates her. “I am so disappointed this morning by the levels of journalism in this country. They just put words ...
22nd May 2015

So sad!! NYAMBANE’s wife is completely gone…. She is getting married soon to a foreigner

Friday, May 22, 2015 - Early this year, Linda Muthama revealed that her marriage to Walter Mongare a.k.a. Nyambane had finally been annulled after a year of separation. Linda said that Nyambane was mistreating her and wants nothing to do with her. Her life has now taken a turn for the best and she has met an African man (not Kenyan) who is ready to walk down the aisle with her. Here is what she said; I don’t want ...